Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Ten: Jeannette Cook

The Best Little Bead Box(es) are headed out west again, this time to the California home of Jeannette Cook.

Occupation (either bead-related or non-bead related): Bead Artist/Instructor/Author
Facebook Fan Page:

How long have you been a beader/jewelry maker? 
42 years

Why do you want to participate in the Best Little Bead Box project? 
I think Beads of Courage is a wonderful project. I met a man while getting new tires. His little girl had cancer and was totally into beads thanks to Beads of Courage. She makes jewelry to sell to benefit other kids with cancer. I told him I would participate. This is a great way to fulfill that promise.

Have beads changed your life? How? 
Yes! Beads are the thread that run through all my changes from the time I was 14! I have met amazing friends, gotten to travel all over the U.S. and Abroad teaching. Seen so many states and met wonderful people all through beads. Economically, it has made me independent and self-supporting. I started out a single mother beading at night after work. Ended up quitting my full time corporate job 19 years ago. Never went back!

Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced beader/jewelry maker?

How did you get started working with beads? 
It was 1968 and us little hippie girls needed Love Beads!

If you were a bead, what kind would you be? Why? 
Seed beads. I have so many parts pulled together into one solid, but flexible being.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one kind of bead with you, what would it be and why?
Seed beads. So I could bead while I waited for my ship to come.

What is the best advice you've ever received from a bead artist, teacher or beading friend?
When I quit the corporate job, I was so afraid I wouldn’t make it. I told one of my coworkers that I could always come back to work at a corporate job. He said never even entertain the thought of failure!

Do you have a particular quote that you think reflects your personal philosophies? If yes, please share it. 
This quote was made by an African Grey Parrott- “It’s OK, it’s alright!”

What was the best beady gift that you have ever received? What was the best beady gift that you ever gave to someone else? 
My friend Layne Shilling willed her large collection of lamp work beads to me. I was to split it between 4 of us friends. We sat in a circle and each chose one in a round of turns. Years after she died, I passed along many of them to Beading for a Cure. The auction to benefit Cancer in Layne’s name. I think she and I doubled her gift that way.

Aside from beading, do you do any other crafts? What are they?

I am trying my hand at Felting and Nuno Felting. I have sewn clothing, book/paper arts a small amount. In the old days, I did macramé, embroidery, ceramics and a tiny bit of wire work.

What three words would best describe your current bead stash? 
Enormous, versatile, fabulous!

Please include a photograph of your very best piece of beadwork, if you have one available.

Here's a photo of May's Garden Necklace, one of my all time favorites.

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