Friday, April 8, 2011

Fort Wayne, Indiana receives a visit from the boxes...

*all photos are clickable for a larger view*

The boxes arrived right on time on Monday, bursting at the seams - no really - BURSTING. Those suckers were packed tightly! Here are the two boxes just opened to let the Courage Tiger get some air. You might as well grab something to drink and settle in - this post will be loaded with photos.

I only took enough time to open the boxes when they arrived - as much as I wanted to tear into the many packages within - I had to get back to work.

I have several cats at home - all rescues and all very much loved. However I know they cannot resist the sound of paper and/or plastic - so in order to deter them from getting into the boxes, I covered them (the boxes not the cats!) with a sheet to keep all contents safe. At one point there was a line to check out the contents

Here is what I found in the morning... Chief making himself a bed on top of the boxes, in this shot he was doing his best imitation of a ferocious feline, or maybe I woke him from a nap.

Once I was able to sit and go through the contents of the boxes, I did it slowly. As other before me, I carefully unwrapped each bag and bags within that if needed to look at each piece. It took a couple of hours and I thoroughly savored and enjoyed each minute. Here is what I took from the box - a selection of cabs, glass, clay, vintage - all awesome!

Next - an assortment of things - a needle box that I can bead around, a little glass vessel, a metal cross and beads of various materials.

Look at these yummy selections

I'm a big sucker for hearts!

It was impossible to resist the little chunk of turquoise and the peridot chips

I HAD to have that strand of dice, I took 3 strands of the red fire polished beads, a strand of really cool flowers, a pretty strand of light blue leaves and a beautiful strand of rondelles with a rainbow finish.

I have had Dustin's book on my wish list for some time, so I took it!

Then I took two rolls of parawire and this adorable little purse that will be used in an art doll round robin in which I am currently participating - isn't it adorable???

Oh and I know it's hard to believe, but I'm not done...
Next I took some beads, big beads, small beads, flower beads, fresh water pearls in (my favorite color) green

Lastly (no really I'm done taking now), these awesome glass chili beads, some silver beads, glass heart beads, a tube of hex beads, some neat peanut beads - first time seeing these and a selection of small beads by Golem I believe.

Now you might be thinking (like I was), okay you hog... what did you put back?
I started with some vintage selections - purple Japanese beads, very delicate. Blue 2 holed beads, German cabs - very thin glass with a white backing that comes off fairly easily if you like them that way. Next are 2 holed flat glass sew ons in yellow with one in blue. Little glass gems in dark and light pink with gold on the backside. Green iris nail heads and yellow gold nail heads.

Seed beads - various colors and finishes

More vintage - glass 2 holed crown shaped sew ons, strand of green trade beads, long strand of black heart sequins, 2 strands of dark pink/light red sequins, 2 holed shell shaped sequins, light blue rose montees, hank of dark blue iris bugles.

Some close ups

Sew on filigree with Swarovski crystals

A strand of glass hearts, a vintage glass gem, 2 carved bone buttons, a mother of pearl pendant with a dragon, a clay fish by a local artist.

Four raku star beads by Star Spirit Studio

A beautiful (front and back) cab with a fairy face on it - wish I could remember the name of the artist that made it.

A hand sculpted face by Dottie Hoeschen of Stonebrash Creative

Various clay items by Duane Collins of Elements Pottery

A selection of Czech glass buttons

More clay items, this time from Pottery 123 Findings

More vintage glass, Czech, German, Japanese

And the final addition is a collection of faces by Jen Martin of Graphix Outpost and one face from Star Spirit Studio - the last face, bottom right.

I did not get out much with the tiger for various reasons, but we did make it to the local park. He did seem to enjoy himself even though it was a tad chilly for us humans

He was also much loved here. This is my granddaughter showing the tiger a little love

We all very much enjoyed our visit with the tiger

And I am thrilled to be included,
Grace Danel
Fort Wayne, IN


  1. Was this not about the most fun ever! Loved all your picks and your additions are wonderful!

  2. It was Chris! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

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