Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Courage Tiger goes to The San Diego Zoo

Tiger of Courage really wanted to see his cousins, the tigers at the Tiger River enclosure at the Zoo today. Alas, when we got to Tiger River, all the tigers were inside but one. He was way up at the top and we could barely see him. Maybe tomorrow...

Meanwhile, he had fun visiting other animals at the Zoo and even found more of his own kind...Other stuffed animals. Of course he posed with them too!

Here's Tiger at the entrance to the World Famous San Diego Zoo

Posing with a bust of Ngagi the silver back gorilla
While posing in front of the flamingos, the peacock tried to upstage Tiger!
 This baby giraffe is only two weeks old. It's a girl.

 I took Tiger to visit my friend, Ava the bonobo. she loves to mash herself against the glass. Then you match her hands with hers and she will kiss the glass. We see her almost every day on our walk at the zoo.
 Tiger and the Meercats.

This mountain lion is a close relative of Tiger.
Leaving the Zoo, Tiger spotted his kin! Other stuffed animals.
Of course he wanted to get a picture with them...


  1. I SO wanted to take the tiger to the wonderful childrens zoo here, but it's not open for the season yet :-( I am glad to see the tiger got to visit a zoo though, looks like he had fun!

  2. Oh My ! The Tiger went on a rampage and had the time of his life.
    He is now sitting on my dining table helping me check on the goodies in the boxes and helping me choose. From time to time he points at something and tells me what I should pick.
    He is now ready to help me go through my own stash and pick what will get to go in the boxes.
    Photos will come soon !
    Rosita Pisarchick