Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Best Little Bead Box Visits Pennsburg Pa!

 Well, I came home from shopping with the kids the other day, and this is what greeted me on my porch!  The Best Little Bead box is now 5 large bead boxes!  I cannot even tell you how awesome this is!  They were almost as tall as my littlest guy!
So, being the last person was really wonderful, and really awful at the same time.  I feel like I took soooo much, because there was sooo much wonderfulness, although, honestly, it doesn't look like I put a dent in it.  There were so many awesome beads, by wonderfully talented people, and gemstones and crystals, oh my!  So without further ado, heres what I picked..........(don't judge me, I love beads;)

Here is everything together, but I will break it down.
I picked some cool wood and nut beads.
I got me some glass and crystal, since I don't have a lot in that department.
 I took these wonderful lampworked beads, because I thought they'd be great in some bracelets.
 This one tormented me.  It is gigantic, and wonderful, and it was in and out of the box many times.  I just love the asian feel of it, and so, I kept it.  It will be the most lovely chunky bracelet ever.
 Then my weakness, gemstones........

 Some little metal odds and ends....
 some pearls and cloisone...
 leather scraps and a hole puncher (I really needed one!)
 and last but not least..........some ceramic and raku!  Love the stars and the skull.
There are still sooooo many wonderful things in there.  Carol will have her work cut out for her, and I had to keep resisting the temtation to start organizing it by bead type, ect......These auction will be GREAT!

Ok- here is what I put in...........
Here is the whole heap of it.

A brand spakin new copy (with dvd) of Wire Style 2, with some aluminum wire.
 Some very nice beading cord in green and brown, a small wire jig that was opened but never used, some copper for stamping or etching, tape measure, bottle caps made for resin, gold plated chain, some duponi silk scaps, pewter pendant, rings for keychains and a bead scoop.
 some bronze, brass and silver plated charms, focals, and three feet of a great brass chain that I love!
 GEMSTONES!!!!!  Amazonite mix, black agate tear drops, turquoise mix, green crackle agate, shells, moukite, flourite, and three strands of focal beads, since they are my absolute favorite to work with.
 Some odds and ends, large lucite beads, mother of pearl buckle, shell charms, mother of pearl composite donut focal...
 MORE GEMSTONES........ prehnite strand of focals, picasso jasper pendants, blue crackle agate, brown gemstone and pearl mix, red jad, red jasper mix, labradorite focals, crazy horse stone focal, green jasper focal, MOP Butterfly focal, green jade beads, red agate pendant, hawk eye jasper (sooo pretty)....
 Some sea shell cabs, genuine sea glass to use in bead embroidery, and a wonderful sparkly drusy cab!
 Wood beads in black, a strand of purple crystal, a swarovski pendant......
 Two strands of pearls, fancy jasper, large gemstone pendant, mix of gemstone pendants, mix of gemstone charms, mix of stick and coin pearls..........
 Sterling silver pendants and large swirl focal by me........
 I didn't have much to give in the way of glass, but here a some, a wonderful black and white heart by Jane Perala, some boro disc beads by Two Sisters, and a couple of purplish lampwork discs.
 Then I dug into my ceramic collection.....there are some Artisan Clay pendants, some Lisa Peters Art Focals, and one Maku bead.
 These are some of my focals from the Artisan Accents Shop.  A bronze coin focal, bronze wings with a patina, and a large copper tear stained heart focal.
 I also added these two blue lichen charms from my collection, a blue colored bronze donut and a fine silver abstract pendant..........
 Then I threw in a bunch of my polymer hearts...........
 and some of my misc. polymer clay beads..............
And thats it.  Whew!  What a swap. 

I feel so blessed to be a part of this.  I cannot wait to see how much this raises for Beads of Courage!


  1. How does someone get to be a part of the next go-round of this fabulousness?

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