Friday, October 15, 2010

Week Three: Shelley Nybakke

After spending its first two weeks on the road in California, The Best Little Bead Box is now on its way to the great Midwest, more specifically to Illinois and the home of the talented, and funny, Shelley Nybakke.

Shelley Nybakke teaches a variety of classes, including her favorite, layered right-angle weave.  The first weaving class she ever attended, she pretended she forgot an appointment and left early because she hated it so much and was fumbling around lost with even threading the needle.  After that setback, she purchased Carol Wilcox Wells’ book, Creative Bead Weaving, and hasn’t looked back.  So from making hundreds of memory wire bracelets to now teaching around the country, she really believes anything is possible.  Her motto is “A day without beads is hardly worth getting out of bed for.”
Here's what Shelley had to say about herself and our project: 
Gosh, who I am.  That is hard to say.  I'm still trying to figure it out half the time and I change my mind every day about who I want to be.  Other than a creative beader, that desire is always there. 
There aren't a lot of things more fun than going through other beaders' stashes.  The box will be fun because it's a lot of people's favorites.  At least I know I'm adding some of my favorites to the box. 
Something tells me that we will see the addition of some metal seed beads to our box in the next week!


  1. I would say that cornerless cubes are a sure thing!

  2. The box is bulging at it's seams and may become two boxes very soon! Have fun Shelley!

  3. ooohhhh! TWO boxes? LOL! I look forward to seeing all the goodies soon ;o)