Friday, October 1, 2010

Week One - Marcia DeCoster

This afternoon, The Best Little Bead Box is on its way to Marcia DeCoster's studio in San Diego...

Marcia's love for beautiful jewelry and the desire to create her own designs brought Marcia to beads in the early 1990's. Marcia designs colorful and fun to wear jewelry and shares her designs through teaching and writing. Remembering her own early attempts, Marcia recognizes that everyone learns differently and so takes great care to provide clear, concise and comprehensive instructions, graphics and text.
Her work has been published Carol Wilcox Wells’s The Art and Elegance of Bead Weaving and Margie Deeb’s The Beaders Color Pallette.
In 2008 her work was featured in Masters Beadweaving and her urchin lariat graces the cover.
In 2009 her own book 'Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence' was published by Lark.
Marcia is one of the featured 'Designers of the Year' in Beadwork magazine.

When asked what made her agree to participate in The Best Little Bead Box project, this busy beader/author/teacher had this to say:  "I am participating because Beads of Courage is such an excellent cause and the opportunity to be part of it with so many stellar artists, well there was no way not to!"

It will be fun to see what beads Marcia chooses for her own stash...and what new beads she will add to our box before sending it on to the next beader. (Don't tell anyone, but in this instance, Marcia will be able to deliver the box personally rather than send it through the US Postal Service.)

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  1. It has arrived! So far not opened, although I suspect I won't be able to stand it much longer. The studio got a thorough cleaning in preparation for a NanC Meinhardt workshop this weekend, but now...well now I think it may be time to open this box and explore my stash and see how I can make it bigger and richer and send it on it's way. Thanks Jennifer and Carol for the idea and all your work!