Friday, October 29, 2010

Week Five: Lynn Berry

The Best Little Bead Box will head back to the West Coast soon, on its way to meet the fifth beader in our line-up, Lynn Berry.  Here's a little about Lynn and her involvement with our project, in her own words: 

I am deeply honored and incredibly blessed to be a part of The Best Little Bead Box. Unlike the other eleven participants, I am relatively new to the world of beading. My life’s path has been dedicated to designing projects and programs which empower people who have been disenfranchised by our society. For decades, I have worked primarily with abused children, homeless families, and people living with HIV/AIDS. About three years ago, a co-worker invited me to join a weekly beading group that she had started at our offices, and I was instantly hooked I have always had an enormously creative soul, and my obsession with beading nurtures me spiritually. These days my time is literally consumed with learning all that I can about this exquisitely stunning art form, pushing my boundaries of both experience and imagination. My insatiable voracity for beading is born of the same impetus that always drove me to help others: Passion. Participating in The Best Little Bead Box has provided me with the opportunity to wed these two passions, creating a marriage of rapture and magnificence.

We have it from good sources that Lynn has been assembling a notable bead stash of her own and so her additions to the box promise to be delectable!


  1. Have fun with the box Lynn! Eager to see the goodies you will take and add.

  2. I am so excited, and simply cannot wait for the Box to arrive!! I have some wonderful goodies to add!!