Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Best Little Bead Box Quickie

This was written by Shelley and posted by Carol Dean:
Sometimes, and under certain circumstances, a quickie will suffice.  But a Bead Box oggling quickie?  I don't think so.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control or fault, and thanks to a wonderful opportunity for some international publicity on the adventures of The Best Little Bead Box by Interweave Press, a quickie was exactly what I got.  The box was delivered to The Bead Parlor on Tuesday.  Over my lunch hour from my real job, I raced to the Parlor panting.  It's less than a block away, so obviously I was panting with anticipation.  
To my dismay, Linda Roberts is a darn good packer.  The box was almost filled to the brim, each little item having its own perfect place.  I realized right away that in my lunch hour limited time, there was no chance of unpacking it all, carressing each and every item, packing it all back up so perfectly that everything would fit, and adding my own contribution.  
So making possibly the only smart decision of the day (I'm usually limited to just one per day), I pulled out only the packages on the very top, made my selection which was still a hard one to make even with my limited choices, and added my bead stash to the box, and sealed up back up with love and a kiss.  It was just a peck but that is generally how quickies go.  I had that box ready and waiting for Fed X.  As much as I hate deadlines and often will miss them due to my own deadline fears, the box made it to Interweave for the photo shoot with time to spare. 
So a Bead Box Quickie???  I takes what I can gets. 


  1. It's so much fun to read about the little bead box!

  2. Great picture of you running and panting (with anticipation)! Sorry to be such a good packer (it's true, I am gifted that way). Thank you Shelley for all the extra effort and self control to help The Best Little Bead Box get to the photo shoot! :)

  3. I was just so glad to finally get my hands on it. It didn't come in on Friday as planned, no show on Saturday and the Bead Parlor is closed on Monday. I was getting antsy by Tuesday. But everything worked out perfectly and now I have some great cabs to motivate me for my first embroidery project. And hopefully no more quickies for a while.

  4. I'm jealous...Shelley will get TWO quickies and I have NOT had ONE!!!!! POOOOH. So what's up with Interweave? I guess I need to read huh? hehe
    Well, I am glad the box is moving and gathering moss as it rolls along. I can't wait to see the end result.