Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Box is on the Move Again

It was with great anticipation that I received "The Best Little Bead Box" from Marcia this weekend.  In addition to all the goodies that Carol Dean blogged about, Marcia had also added some wonderful sparklies.  The box was so full I wondered how I would ever fit in my additions.  But it all worked out well and the box will be on it's way to the next lucky person tomorrow.

There was so much to choose from and some tough decisions to make, but here are pictures of what I chose to keep from the box.  These bright and colorful buttons by McAnaraks caught my eye right away.  Who can pass up buttons?  And those Lisa Peter's cabs are going to be perfect with the two I already had purchased from her.  (Boy was it hard not to take more!)  I chose the twisty bugle beads just because I've never had any!

It would have been very very naughty of me, but the thought did cross my mind to take all of the sparkles that Marcia added.  I was very disciplined and left a lot for the next person, but I did make these awesome selections - two items I've never had before.

Since I just took a class on working with metal from Rio Grande at the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee this past June, these brass and copper pieces were an obvious choice.  Can't wait to get out my texture hammers!  By the way, there is still another set of these in the box.

And last but certainly not least, I chose these triangle and tila beads.  I haven't had the pleasure of trying the tila beads yet so I'm really looking forward to using them.  Not to worry, there are more of these to choose still in the box!

Now it was my turn to add to the box.  My first decision was easy.  I had just made some new dichroic glass cabochons so I chose some new, some old and a couple of buttons to go into the box.

Next I looked through my polymer clay stash and found some cabochons and lizard tail cabs that I hope someone will like.

I had recently purchased some fringe beads and found I had duplicates, plus I found some seed beads and other glass beads to add.

It took all the creative packing skills I've every learned to fit everything in the box, but I managed.  Tomorrow it will be sent on it's way again.

It is a good feeling to be a small part of this box that we hope will raise money for a great cause - Beads of Courage.  


  1. Great post! Looks like this really is a Treasure Box! I love looking at all the gorgeous pics and just drooling!

  2. Thank you for putting all the pictures, this box really looks wonderful and I wish I was going to get it sent to me. Like Sandy I am drooling also!

  3. Yup, me too. Drooling, wow. It must feel like Christmas to get a box like that an be able to pick out what you want. Lovely, thanks for sharing. XX

  4. Linda, those dichroic cabs and the lizard tails are such a wonderful addition to the box! Your work is truly outstanding - thank you so much for participating in the project!

  5. Hey wow! those are my handmade resin Buttons by McAnaraks in there .
    I am proud to be in such illustrious company, some of those buttons are jaw dropping!

  6. you got and gave some gorgeous beads and buttons. I can hardly wait to see all the goodies in a week or two!