Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Bead Box Adventure Continues

Because I had to sign for the box, I cleared my calendar, rescheduled a couple appointments for D-Day, and pretty much looked out the front door every 5 minutes (or 30 seconds if you ask my kid with the stopwatch timing me). I think I might have startled the FedEx man by meeting him at the truck and grabbing the box out of his hands and telling him I had to sign for it would he please give me the darn pen already? I had beads to look at for crying out loud! And I have a deadline! And here I am about to miss my deadline. However, I still have a whopping 10 hours before the post office closes on Saturday...PLENTY of time!

And because I took a TON out of the box compared to the other ladies, I will be sharing what I gave first so it doesn't look quite as bad.

I decided to add in some completely different things than what is already in there. First, I added some various colors of Chinese Threaders (great for focal beads):

Best Bead Box Given1

Various colors of hand dyed silk ribbon:

Best Bead Box Given2

Bead Pens and Bead Key Chains (sorry, too lazy to remove plastic):

Best Bead Box Given3

I totally raided my Vintaj findings and got a little bit of everything.

Best Bead Box Given4

Various gemstone strands (fluorite, labradorite, moonstone, and can't remember what the red and the green in the lower right are, but they are really pretty!):

Best Bead Box Given5

A baggie with an assortment of Mykonos beads:

Best Bead Box Given6

Swarovski crystals.

Best Bead Box Given7

Sterling silver toggles:

Best Bead Box Given8

Some super cute little brass bells I got from an etsy seller just last week:

Best Bead Box Given9

Some of the chainmaille components I made up for use in various pieces of jewelry (sterling silver and copper jumprings used):

Best Bead Box Given10

A baggie filled with fun colored jumprings:

Best Bead Box Given11

I really tried to make some new things to put in the bead box. But when it came right down to it, I had very little time to torch and the little time I had was spent making BUB's (Butt Ugly Beads). So I raided my etsy beads:

Best Bead Box Given13

We were to give more than what we took and also feel a pang as we did so. When I decided to give a couple Anne Choi pieces, I knew I had reached that point. Ugh. It's not too late to steal them back out of the box...

Best Bead Box Given12

Now for what I took...

This gorgeous strand of quartz (?) sticks.

Best Bead Box Taken1

Some silver headpins, noodle beads, and gunmetal beads. I usually make my own headpins, but having some on hand will be very convenient!

Best Bead Box Taken2

Even though I already own a ton of Lisa Peters beads and buttons, I had to take these 2 sweet shank style beads:

Best Bead Box Taken3

Linda Roberts made these super awesome polymer clay cabs and added them a couple weeks ago. They are very steampunk looking to me and I couldn't decide between these 2. So I took both. No worries, there is still one very similar to these still in the box plus some other cool polymer clay pieces she made.

Best Bead Box Taken4

Linda also made this dichroic button. It is soooo pretty and sparkly and I love it. I can do dichro cabs, but have never tried buttons. It is clear Linda pays very close attention to detail and I love that.

Best Bead Box Taken5

Ooohhh! Must have sparklies! Again, no worries, there is still some left even though I wanted to take everything that sparkled. I did add a few sparklies to the box to compensate. (see above photos for sparkly stuff):

Best Bead Box Taken6

I got a MAK piece (which I've been wanting for a while now):

Best Bead Box Taken7

And last but not least, I took a few seed bead tubes...the ones that caught my eye because I will be doing beadweaving. Yep. I will. It might not be today or even next week. But it will happen.

Best Bead Box Taken8

The box (or will it end up as boxes? you'll have to stay tuned to find out!) is headed to Lynn Berry next. I can hardly wait to see what she gives and takes.


  1. Ooo! I donated those quartz crystal sticks - I'm so glad you like them! Let me know what you decide to do with them!

  2. I love what you added to the box, Jennifer and am a bit jealous of Lynn being on the receiving end of your additions. Enjoyed your great pictures!

  3. Those red things seem to be fire crackle agate... mmmh would love to be next beadfreak on the list... there is just a little ocean between you and me... not living close to lake Geneva in the US...
    ooh, those lovely Chinese silk ribbons should be just perfect with Carol Dean's last beaded bead...

  4. Agh! I ADORE those crystal sticks! I've bought a few strands, and there are precious few of them left! They're so often hard to find.

  5. Fun! You really loaded up the box! Can't wait to see what happens with my raku button that you took out!