Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Brief Stay in Santa Fe

(Written by Suzanne Cooper, posted by Carol Dean)

The Courage Tiger wanted to stay in Santa Fe a little longer. I wanted the Best Little Bead Box to stay a long time! 
There were so many beautiful beads I had a hard time choosing. I picked some Toyo square beads to use in fringe. I've been using Jasper cabs in bead embroidery lately and realized I didn't have many choices of browns or greens. I chose the bag of blister pearls and beads to go with them.

I noticed that there were almost no leaf beads in the box so I fixed that! I have no idea how many leaves I added but it's probably a cup overflowing. I added a box of tiny ladybugs and a whole flock of larger ladybugs. A herd of stone bear fetish beads jumped in the box. There is a tube of 8o Delicas in silver lined and matte black. I added several strands of glass and stone beads.

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