Friday, February 25, 2011

Another box???

The Best Little Bead Box is on its way from Amy's home in Maryland to our fourth beader (whose identity we will reveal this weekend). Joining it this afternoon, is a second, considerably smaller box from Carol Dean's home in New Mexico.

Back in December the talented and generous Vladislav Ivanov of Golem Design Studio in Bulgaria mailed off a package of his beads to Carol Dean, some of which were for a joint project of theirs but the rest were designated for The Best Little Bead Box. With severe weather in Europe at the time, we expected the usual 2-week trip to take up to 4 weeks. Never did we dream it would take more than two months for the package to reach its destination!

It arrived yesterday afternoon. Half of the treasure is being held back for Round Three.  Because we had promised our Round Two beaders that they would not have to do without because of weather delays, this is what went out today:

All of our donors are amazing, and we are deeply grateful to them for their generosity.  There is, however, something extra special about those "foreigners" (Vlad from Bulgaria, Triz from Israel, Marjorie from The Netherlands) who would donate to a project for United States beaders to benefit a United States cause. Thank you!!!


  1. Oh, what a fun box to receive and send on! And your comment about the generosity of overseas donors is right on!