Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello from Chicago!

The Best Little Bead Boxes arrived at my apartment on Monday afternoon. The larger of the two boxes as quite heavy so Jeremy helped me take them upstairs. I opened them and spent a few hours just looking through everything, and deciding what to add.

I didn't want to be greedy, so I tried to make sure I only took a few handmade pieces, so there was some for everyone. I took two gorgeous Marsha Neil pendants, and a bundle of hand-dyed cord which goes perfectly with Kristie's blue pendant and the sodalite tubes. I have also fallen in love with this pendant from Golum Studios, I love the summery colours it has. I think I may make it into a necklace for my Mum. I also couldn't resist the little Zuni bears.

In their place I put a group of findings and cords, there were a lot of seed beads in the boxes and not a lot of findings, so I added a bundle of ultrasuede pieces, a few aluminium cuff blanks, and a roll of KO beading thread. I also added some gorgeous pearls and a few rivolis.

The last photo is a picture of the Beads of Courage Tiger, enjoying a tuna sandwich with his new friends in Chicago, Merlin and Arwen, while I looked at the beads. He is now on his way to visit his new friend Sharon in Fort Worth for the next stage in his journey.


  1. This is cool to see the box making the rounds! Glad you got a couple of my pieces & a silk knot bundle! Can't wait to see what you make with your treasures!!!

  2. Marsha, Blogger isn't letting Jan respond to your comment, so I'm posting for her:

    Thanks, Marsha! I couldn't resist them. I'm working on a couple of designs using some of your pieces just now, I will try to send you some pictures, when they are done.