Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stop at Jean Campbell's House

(This post was written by Jean and posted by Carol Dean.)

What a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the Best Little Bead Box! “Best” it is…”Little”? Not so much. What came to my door last Monday actually included two boxes that each weighed about 30 lbs!

You can’t believe what was inside, either…I was thinking people would add lots of their cast-offs, but the items were just gorgeous! Stones…glass…Lucite…handmade beads…felt beads…. As you can imagine, it was like a bead store in a box. I was a bit hesitant to take anything out to keep for myself since my stash is out of control at the moment, but I just couldn’t resist. I found some great ribbon, Lucite, and a funky resin/wood cabochon from The Hole Bead Shop, a fossil cab from Slick Lizard Designs, and a beautiful ceramic button from Lisa Peters. What a score!

I added a bunch of stuff, too. Some wonderful bead mixes from Jesse James Beads:

Some vintage and other interesting bugle and seed beads and some resin from Natural Touch beads:

A selection of molded glass charms and beads, some lampworked beads from SoftFlex, a bead mix from The Bead Monkey, and a smattering of Swarovski crystal buttons, rivolis, and pendants:

I also added a bunch of freshwater pearl strands in various colors and shapes as well as a really nice strand of antique amber chips:

I hope the rest of my BLBB buddies have as much fun with the boxes as I did!

Thanks, Carol and Jennifer, for inviting me to this worthy and fun project.

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  1. Glad the beads found there way through our blizzard...(fellow MN here) .