Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week Six: Kathy King

The Best Little Bead Box - if you can call a 16-pound box little! - is on its journey to  North Carolina, the home of Kathy King, our sixth beader. 

Kathy has been known for her exquisite beaded beads for some time. Her book,Bead Quilled Jewelry:: New Beadwork Designs with Square Stitch, published this year introduced the technique of bead quilling to the bead world.

Here is a little more about Kathy and her involvement with our project, in her own words:

I've been playing with beads for about 15 year now, and really became addicted after taking a bead weaving class in 1999. I particularly love designing beaded beads, bead embroidery and using the bead quilling technique to make unique jewelry pieces. I'm really excited to be taking part in this project. I'm looking forward to being able to pick out some wonderful beads to keep, plus having fun adding my own beads to the box. The fact that it is all for such a wonderful cause makes it extra special.

In less than a week, we'll see what Kathy decides to keep from the box and what she adds to it from her own stash. The "reveals" are always so much fun!

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