Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Many Beads ... Really, SO Many Beads

I knew the box was coming during a very busy time in my holiday show schedule, so I was a little afraid that I was not going to spend very much time with it. I fretted and anticipated as though looking forward to a great, but all too brief love affair. I learned that it was scheduled to arrive on either Monday or Tuesday, and began hopping up and down like a small child or a puppy that really needs to go outside. To my great surprise, it arrived early in the afternoon on Monday and I raced to the door to meet the mailman. I almost hugged him. I did ask if I could take a photo of him to commemorate the occasion, and he was so relieved that my vicious attack sheltie hadn't devoured him (she associates him with the UPS driver, and she HATES that guy) that he agreed.

With little pause to acknowledge my husband who had just entered the room (I guess), I dropped to the floor and tore into the boxes and settled in for a nice luxurious excavation. I raised my head (it was dark outside; go figure) and John informed me that I had been fully invested for over an HOUR. He said he'd been there the whole time and we'd conversed, but I have no such recollection. These were good boxes.

Okay, I'm going to start with what I removed. I tried my best not to be piggy, but it was HARD!!! I decided on two hanks and a tube of seed beads (duh), a sexy strand of freshwater pearls, a really cool Dzi-type glass focal bead from Kelli Burns, two shell rings, a bag of ball headpins, one of the bead pens, one of the smiley brass stampings (I was reallyreally hoping one would still be there and it WAS!), a let's-face-it,-really-HOT Lisa Peters swirly cabochon, some spotted dagger beads, and some Vintaj metal stampings. And that's all I need. ...and this paddle ball game.

It was all I could do not to also snag that cool cab that looked like pencils, but I left it for someone else. You're welcome.

And now for what I put in:
A bunch of polymer face cabochons, many of which are inset with Charlottes.

Some vintage German Cabs.
Some white vintage German glass beads and a couple of boxes of seed beads (because it would have been weird if I had included NO seed beads).
Some orange Swarovski and teal vintage Czech beads that I bought a LONG time ago because they were cool, but they have never really belonged in my color palate. I'm sure they will be in someone's color palate.
Some stone cabochons.
And because it was supposed to "hurt a little", I included some ammonite fossils. This caused me physical and emotional pain, and my hand kept shooting back in the box to remove them, but they DID make it.I had a great time with the boxes, which are growing in size at an alarming rate. I only hope that the final beader to receive them is strong enough physically (and emotionally) to deal with them.


  1. Laura, I can't believe all the goodies you put into the box(es)!!! Amazing! The last person to get this box is going to have some incredible treasures to pick over, and we are going to have some unbelievably yummy stuff to auction off for Beads of Courage! Thank you!!!

  2. Oops! I just realized that I deleted a couple of the photos when I was editing. The last person to get the box is going to have to start working her arms out. I had to upgrade one of the boxes from medium to large and it was pretty full when I shipped it. I think the Beads of Courage auction is gonna be HUGE! Yay!!!