Friday, January 28, 2011

Round Two!!!

It seems oddly appropriate (perhaps even fulfilling for Jennifer and me) that our box for Round Two of the project starts on its 3-month journey the same week the first two lots from Round One have gone up on eBay.

Box Two and its chaperon/mascot - Courage Tiger from Beads of Courage - took a trip to the United States Post Office in El Paso, Texas, this morning. We won't reveal their first destination until tomorrow, however.

Today is our chance to show you what treasures we were able to fill our box with, thanks to our wonderful donors. A picture says a thousand words, so rather than give you a long narrative, here we go:






Fully packed, the large USPS Priority Mail box weighed in at 10.6 pounds. I wonder how much it will weigh when it returns to Anthony, New Mexico, in April....

I want to point out that we already have a good starting point for Round Three.  Our wonderful donors sent more than we could possibly fit into one box, so we held some treasures back.


  1. Wow... such wonderful items! I can't wait to see where it goes first. I really enjoy following these!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful selection right off the bat! I can't wait to see what everyone keeps for themselves and adds to the pot!

  3. A magnificent box of eye candy. I can just imagine being Thumbelina and taking a swan dive into the box of beads and being in heaven.
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