Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Courage Tiger Has a New Home!

by Jen VanBenschoten

Well, all of the Best Little Bead Box(es) have made their way to upstate New York!  We apologize for the delay in getting the eBay auctions together, but we had a slight change of plans.  The boxes all arrived safely today, and with them, Courage Tiger!

Carol Dean and I were wondering where Courage Tiger should go next, and it suddenly became apparent where his new home should be.  A friend of my sister has a 10-year-old son who will turn 11 in August.  He and his family live on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and last summer right around his birthday, he was diagnosed with leukemia.  Right after he was diagnosed, he began chemotherapy treatments.  Today he is finishing up a required hospital-stay round of chemotherapy (three days of intense IV treatment that leaves him feeling extremely sick) and then he has more chemo treatments that will keep him out of school until October.  He's missed most of 5th grade, but will be able to enter 6th grade in the fall thanks to a teacher that comes to his house and helps him keep up with his school work.  

We thought that Courage Tiger would have a wonderful new home with him as he gets through each treatment for leukemia.  His prognosis is still good, mainly because of the type of leukemia he has, but it still requires a lot of intense treatments that would be difficult for anyone to endure.  

So once I get Courage Tiger sent off to his new home, I will be sorting through all the amazing, generous contributions from our amazing, talented beaders in this second round of The Best Little Bead Box!  Let me tell you, these are going to be some killer auctions this time around - there are seed beads, cabochons, handmade polymer clay, findings of all kinds, beading kits, gemstones - even a great little book on bead stringing techniques and leather scraps!  (And I may throw in one more goody before the auctions get started, since I just discovered a fabulous new bead embroidery backing!)

Stay tuned for the eBay auctions, and thank you again to all of you incredible, generous ladies!


  1. Sounds like a perfect home for Courage the Tiger. It's a wonderful thing you are all doing with The Best Little Bead Box. Hopefully, there will be more rounds!

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