Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sharon Erwine - The beads I added to the boxes

The whole donation above, detailed pictures below:

Bead book, color wheel, new jade barrels, new jade bib
Hematite rounds, Australian jasper, picture jasper, rose quartz,
jasper rings, fancy jasper, artistic jasper
(some of the rose quartz is hand cracked nuggets)
Dalmatian jasper, black lava, red lava
Green (yellow) turquoise, rhodonite bib and rounds, unknown stone rounds
Black onyx, black and white banded agate, snowflake obsidian
Cubic zirconia topaz and amethyst earrings, light amethyst briolettes, wood boxes, navy fossil stone
Blue chalcedony, fancy jasper, red picture jasper
Artistic jasper, picture jasper, rose quartz
Dalmation jasper
Green (yellow) turquoise, slab turquoise
Unknown stone rounds
Black onyx, black and whit banded agate, snowflake obsidian
Dark amethyst briolettes, purple fossil stone, green fossil stone
Blue chalcedony, fluorite
Green (yellow turquoise), Peach Blossom jasper (didn't photo well, there are
beautiful peach and blue flecks), picture jasper, carnelian briolette, poppy jasper
Rose quartz, dalmation jasper
Dalmatian jasper, turquoise
Unknown stone rounds, turquoise slabs, black onyx, Black and white jasper
Black and white banded agate, natural agate rectangles, snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian
Dark amethyst briolettes, Chevron amethyst nuggets, plastic rosettes
Blue chalcedony, moonstone chips, peridot chips
Unknown stone tile beads, rose quartz
Rose quartz, Dalmatian jasper
Turquoise chips, unknown stone rounds
Turquoise slabs, black and white jasper (oops, I took the bottom left nuggets back when I realized they belong with one of my projects at home - sorry!)
Natural agate nuggets, mahogany obsidian

And that's all, folks!

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  1. H O L Y C O W! I don't know what else to say, wow oh wow what a generous contribution! I'm salivating over here...